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8 Tips to Building a Self Care Foundation

Take a moment and check in with your self care regime as it stands today.

Are you filling your cup in a way that honours the true magnificent being you are? Or are you stuck sometimes asking yourself when is it going to be my time? The most precious asset we have is time, so here are a few self care tips I have found helpful in order for you to take action today!

8 Tips to Building a Self Care Foundation

1. Give meditation a go. Taking a few moments to find stillness brings us into the present moment, connects us to our bodies and calms down the thinking mind. From this space we can connect to a deep sense of peace and realign to the simple truths and answers within. Start simple, give yourself even 10 minutes to begin your practice and slowly increase with time. To begin find a quiet space, sit comfortably, close the eyes, feel the breath slowly move in and out, feel the body, and just let yourself be here in the moment.

2. Find a way to move your body each and every day. If you have an injury, physical illness or are looking to manage stress, yoga is a wonderfully beneficial practice that can be modified for any level and incorporates physical strengthening and flexibility, mindfulness, breath work and relaxation techniques. There are many forms of yoga, so if you are wondering where to get started you can message me for some more info on what might be best for your current situation! Other great forms of exercise include walking, swimming, tai chi, qi gong, dancing or Zumba, swimming, etc. Focus on what you can do, and start there. Even 15 minutes a day of gentle exercise can do wonders for the body mind and soul!

3. Eat with love. Become aware of the foods you eat and notice how you feel after each meal. Foods that are highly acidic and high in sugars will lower your energy and weaken your immune system. By incorporating more highly alkaline foods such as fruits, veggies and high quality grains and legumes into your diet, the body will respond with more energy and balance. Food is so powerfully healing when we eat to live and switch gears from living to eat.

4. Do a truth check in. Inventory all areas of your life and reflect on what is working and what is causing resistance. When you are driving to work for example, ask am I happy? When you are chatting on the phone with a friend, ask is this relationship nurturing and healthy? Looking at your schedule, are you happy with your weekly activities? Do you have any resentments you are holding on to? How does the body feel, are your tired or experiencing pain in any way? This is a powerful way to check in and see what is getting in the way of us making our passions and self care a priority. Be gentle with yourself and know that it is okay to set boundaries and say no to things that are conflicting with your authentic self.

5. Look at your home environment. Are you happy with your space? Is there is clutter or things needing to be done? This will affect the energy level of your home and in turn yourself. Make your home an uplifting and sacred place through rearranging of furniture, decluttering and finding ways to simplify your space. Where our focus goes, energy flows! Start small by creating a special space (this could be even one room or spot in your house!) that is your little oasis so you can retreat there and feel realigned and happy to be home.

6. Enhance the media you are exposed to when possible. This can be your music in the car, the movies you watch, your social media outlets you view, and the material you read. Many of the outlets we engage in drain our energy and can change our state of mind. Surround yourself with music that makes you feel good, books that resonate with you, uplifting podcasts, follow empowering people on social media, and try to limit exposure to low energy television and movies.

7. Surround yourself with like minded people. Proximity is power, so those in your life who are uplifting and see the best in you are going to help you stay focused and dedicated to your self care journey. This does not mean we have to drop everyone who does not always lift you up, but it is okay to set healthy boundaries. Find an uplifting partner or group of individuals to meet with and discuss your struggles and accomplishments. Furthermore, investing in a personal coach is a wonderful way to create a strong self care foundation and have someone to genuinely listen and give you honest feedback and direction.

8. Trust that life is happening for you not against you. By connecting to a source bigger than ourselves we see the oneness and wholeness of the world around us. It can be scary at first to let go of our normal ways and try something new, but when we surrender the need to "know and control" we make space for the universe to provide us with new opportunities, teachers, relationships, and exactly what we need in divine order when we least expect it. As the legendary Wayne Dyer says, "Your job is not to say how—it’s to say yes! When you say yes to life, you attract divine guidance. When you’re inspired, you’re collaborating with fate. Everything starts working for you."

So magnificent one, are you ready to take time for your life and pencil yourself in?

There has never been a better time than right now. Remember, some of the best days are still ahead!

Sending you lots of love and light on your self care path,

xo Amy

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