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Rising Strong in 2018!

Updated: May 18, 2020

As 2017 is coming to a close I am looking back in amazement at this above picture, a collage of my top 9 on Instagram. Some of my aha moments, blessings & challenges, for where would we be without them! Looking at the photo (and laughing that Brandon got his head cut off -biggy small as always!) it's offered a powerful reflection on how this year has led me here. There were some really big changes & decisions that were not always easy, but each choice I made, has led me to truly embrace the power I had nestled inside. When I look back at the beginning of 2017, I had just went on a leave of absence from my work, was facing some serious health struggles, and started this blog to track my progress and connect with others. Needless to say I was deeply searching for answers on how to turn that ship around. As scary and hard as it was to step away from a job that I really did enjoy, I knew that honoring myself with this deep form of self care was what my body was asking me to do. I began to start re-directing my focus on all the good things I could still do, and for myself redefine what it meant to be happy, regardless of the physical symptoms I was experiencing. For once we know what we are not, we move torwards the truth of who we really are, when we are ready! I am not just that person facing health challenges. I am so much more than that, as are YOU, as are we all! May we all move into 2018 embracing the loving truth of who we are - to give ourselves the attention, appreciation and approval to write our own story and ask ourselves what we truly need to be happy.

This year I'm not writing down strick resolutions, but I am writing down dreams and aspirations I have for the year, and will continue to focus on aligning myself to be present each day, to show up fully, and to honour myself so that I can then show up as my best self to also serve and guide others who are walking this journey with me. Wherever you may be reading this, I wish you love, peace, inner guidance and growth in this new year ahead! How are you feeling about the upcoming year? Would love to hear from you by hitting reply and connecting to stay tuned for future posts as I continue to share my wellness journey. Also be sure to check out some of my upcoming events this January & February as I will be hosting a few workshops on using Food As Medicine & Intro To Ayurveda in the Tillsonburg area. My new community class schedule is linked here, and I am also offering private/semi private yoga sessions, wellness consultations and integrative wellness programs designed specifically for YOU at my private studio, The Yoga Hut, for more on that click here! Don't want to miss an update? Be sure to connect on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter and email updates linked here! Big blessings and love your way this year and every day. So very thankful for this community and the connections I have made with you this year. Catch ya in 2018!

xo Amy

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