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Misooo loving this one!

Yesterday upon returning from the gym I was ready for a good feast yet didn't have anything prepared and was running low on groceries. As I opened the fridge and did a run down of what we had, I saw my good friend Mr. Miso sitting pretty on the top shelf. Beneath were some carrots already chopped up (hallelujah!) and a big bunch of swiss chard that I had picked up the day before. Miso veggies it is I thought! This dish was inspired by a lunch I had at Plant Matter Kitchen in London a few weeks ago. When I had told the waitress I had a few..ahmmm restrictions (I am getting away from using this word!) the chef came out and personally chatted with me to come up with a dish that I would love. It went from being a frustrating moment of feeling what was "restriction" with my diet, to being a magic moment of connection, seeing the beauty in what I can eat, alongside exceptional service that I was SO impressed by....shoutout to the wonderful chef Elyse! When she determined what foods I was good with, she went to work and made me a beautiful zuchinni, sweet potato, kale and ginger miso combo, so with that dish in mind and how it tasted, I let my taste buds lead the way for this dish below!

In this dish I have combined the carrot, swiss chard & ginger combo with miso. Some of the most nutritionally potent vegetables are deep-green leafy vegetables such as swiss chard and I have been trying to incorporate more greens into my daily meals. Miso is a traditional Japanese paste made usually made from fermented soy, however I use an organic brown rice miso which I do well with. Miso has a delicious salty flavor that can be used to whip up an easy yet tasty meal in minutes. That's what I love about plant based whole foods, they are simple, versatile and do not need a lot of planning to make something nutritionally potent, yet still mouth watering! The veggies and greens in this dish can easily be substituted for what you have on hand, and I served it alongside a basmati rice & quinoa combo.

Miso Loving Veggies

Ingredients (yield 2 servings)

*1 tbsp of miso paste (can be found in many health food stores, I use this brown rice miso )

*1/3 cup of water

*One big bunch of swiss chard (or greens of choice), cleaned, trimmed and coarsely chopped

*2-3 carrots, cleaned and chopped

*1/4 cup of raw cashews (omit if nut free)

*small amount of ginger chopped


1. If cooking with rice/quinoa, follow instructions and start this first. I use a small rice cooker that allows me to pop it in and presto it's cooked perfectly in 20-25 minutes!

2. Combine the water, ginger and carrots into a large skillet over medium heat. Cover and let cook for about 2-3 minutes.

3. Add the swiss chard/greens and cook for about 3 minutes until the chard is slightly tender and bright green.

4. Turn off the heat & add in the miso paste, stirring until all the veggies are coated. I do not cook with

the miso as it contains probiotic bacteria, and this would kill off the good stuff we want to receive!

5. Serve on top of rice/quinoa and garnish with chopped cashews.

Enjoy! Tag @yoga_with_amy on Instagram, use the hashtag #VegginWithAmy and let me know what you think of it if you give it a try!

xo Amy

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